I am Anna Manousopoulou.
I am a self tought doll maker
I was born in a small village in the Peloponese and live in Athens .

I am a doll maker sculptress, who studied microbiology and photography.

Worked in photography to 1984 until 2001

I attended a seminar on Marionettes and since then I am engaged in dollmaking

.When I was young I created my own dolls out of necessityI stopped around the age of 12, but recalled that capacity again at an older age to fulfill other needs
2000=2002 worked for Allouette company a manufacturer of childrens clothes December

2002-February 2003 worked with the National Gallery Alexandros Soutsos

On 2003 Christmas time I am affiliated with Deste in Psychico.

From 2002 to 2005 I contributed my works to the National Macedonic Museum of Modern Art .

2004 until the end of 2015 the Historic Ancient Museum of Hydra.

2003 -2008 contributed my works to Apriatti in Syntagma Square

2003-2017 to Rif _Raf in Salonica

In 2004 I decorated the Spring collectiuon of Loukia, fashion designer.
In the Fall of 2004 I decorated her Fall collection that was presented under the title “Dancing with Bjorg” on stage at the Lyric Center Theatre.

Benaki Museum
2004 September -Present I contribute my work to the Benaki Museum.
2006Participated in the exhibit :“ Dionysus Life” at the Benaki Museum of Piraeus street .
2007 Participated in the exhibit :Paper Clothes at the Benaki Museum

2013 Museum Benaki Mentis I presented a 2 day doll making workshop

2006-2010 Participated in Art of Athens at the Benaki Museum
2013 Museum Benaki Mentis seminar of Christmas ornaments for 8-10 year olds

2013 :35 years Benaki exhibit
2013 Museum Benaki Mentis I presented a 2 day doll making workshop
2013 Museum Benaki Mentis seminar of Christmas ornaments for 8-10 year olds
2005-2009 : Greek Women Lyceum.
2006 Eleni Marneri Gallery


2006 2007 2008 2010 Ionic Association :Creative Women.
2010 Exhibit in Patra.
2006- 2010 Belgian Gallery Periplus. Belgium.
2005-2006 London Gallery “Kohshamui”
2006-2008 Moscow with Garoufalia Tsolia.
2007 “Athiniotakis” Voukourestiou.
2008 – 2013 Gallery Esqubo Kifisia Athens.
2010 Moscow again.
May 2010 untill today to Present: work with Ianos Gallery.
2010 December until Januar Paris Gallery: “Art and Miss” Theme:“ Small Format”.
2011 Work with Folk Art Museum MELK.

2012 I participated in a seminar on the construction of dolls at the St Petersburg University division of Theatre Studies
2012 Reception in my workshop on the Council of Refugees
In April-May of 2013 I worked with the prisoners and the social workers of the Psychiatric wing in the Koridallos Prison of Athens, Greece in cooperation with the program “Επανοδος”
2013 worked in cooperation with the Consul General of Greece, Mrs Katerina Barbarigou in Adrianoupolis Edirn.e Turkey
We formed a 2 day cooperation doll making workshop with 16 Greek and 16 Turkish youngsters in The museum of Orestiada and the Edirne Museum
In 2014 I created 2 Harlequins for the theatrical production by the Lyric Stage of “The Barber of Seville”
2014 Gallery Kakopoulos
2014 Museum Benaki in Piraeus
2002 to Present cooperate with the retail boutique “Rodamos” in Psychico
2014 December .Januar EMST Museum of Modern Art.

Since December 2015 i had to stop ,to close my small sweet Gallery.

I am still working and creating my dreams,

I try new situration of work.

See us soon.

You can contact me to my mobile 6945494165.


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