When i was a little girl,the half of every year,
i lived to my small village.
Is a small village to Peloponese.[Lepreon]
We was eating great food , all from our garden.
Our own bread , our own olive, my father had a factory to produce olive oil,
every house had own salat, own orange, we had all, from the earth,
Was a great time i am too lucky to have such memories!
Every Spring the women was making the spaggetti for the Family
το have spaggetti the whole year.
Mrs Aggeliki and many women from the village was coming to our house.
to help my mother to make the spaggetti,
for our family.
The women used to go to all the houses to help each one woman to make the spaggetti
for the whole year.
Was great human releations!
Mrs Eleutheria Skounaki representative to Greece ”Rustichella d’abruzzo” asked from me to create a cook woman,
was sweet for me to remember my children memories , so i deceide to creat a figure looks like Mrs Aggeliki, she is 42 cm total size, i used real cotton fabrics
for the cloths.
Papier mache to creat the head and the body.
I used nothing chemical.
All are natural materials,
Her way to cook is the best ever, Now she is 91 years old and she
cooks great food until now.
Thank you Mrs Eleutheria.
Thank you Mrs Aggeliki.
2015-04-27 23.22.20

2015-04-27 23.23.38

2015-04-27 23.23.49

2015-04-27 23.26.36

2015-04-27 23.27.33


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