Total size is 50 cm.

20150710_17054220150710_17060720150710_17000220150710_17033120150710_17021120150710_17044920150710_17030620150710_17055920150710_17020320150710_170038Her face is made using papier mache,and her body.

Her cloths are total cotton ,the main color is white,also i painted  afew fabric , i need to have

total soft blue color.

Is great on summer to be in Greece you will see new colors , the sun light play with the colors.

Her shoes are handmade by me,i used total real lether on braun color, with lila socks

For the details on the head i painted gauze on soft grey color near to blue a little mor dark.The red details  i used lether with great soft quality.

For the hair i used silk lila wool,

Her bag is made with paper,i used the packing paper which use  for the spaggeti

Rustichella D’Abruzzo is Italian Spaggetti company.

Thank you .


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