Is a new doll.

32 cm big.

Handmade doll . i used papier mache for the body and the head,and the hair ,

i used great quality of fabric inside dress and outside.

Acril colors, for the face and the body.

I am usually working with what i have in mind!.

The double situration always was a  big dificult situration  for  me.

Is the  realation with mother?

Is the relation with our human relations ?

I found finally  my own answears, and  i feel too  quiet.

No  more  questions!2015-08-28 17.44.092015-08-28 17.43.052015-08-28 17.46.56 2015-08-28 17.46.192015-08-28 17.48.272015-08-28 17.48.272015-08-28 17.47.292015-08-28 17.44.092015-08-28 17.47.05 2015-08-28 17.45.542015-08-28 17.45.54

If  you are  intresting  sent me  a mail please and i will answear  as soon  as is possible!

Thank you .


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