She is Lilies.
Her total size is 38 cm , is too thin and too sirious.
To creat her head i used papier mache.
Her hat is made using a very old magazine!I made the mould of the hat and i worked on it with the paper.
For the dress i used fat soft black silk.
I like so much the feeling i get from the fabrics i use.
For the coat i used soft real wool.
Sometimes i am dreaming and i create a figure , but often i start to create without to think i enjoy the moment, maybe i read something great, maybe i lisent
something great,
I am working with my feelings, and with the people ouround me often people far from me can give me inspiration,often the far is so near to me!
Excuse me for my strange English , but the main is not Orthography but is to understand each other,.
Thank you!

[caption id="attachment_1552" align="alignnone" width="225"]Lilie. Lilie.


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