2014-11-20 10.49.412015-02-26 14.41.13main_annamanousopoulou (2)20150226_1431462014-11-13 09.31.172014-11-13 09.51.432014-11-13 09.49.012014-11-13 09.56.042014-11-13 09.48.06Φωτοπουλος Χαρτινα και Μαρνερη 001My  name  is  Anna.

I  live to  Athens  Greece.

I  am  Dollmaker,since 1996  i  am making  dolls. As  i  start  to  make dolls  i  found  my  self  i  felt  happy  , maybe  happened the oposite  as i found my self  as i felt  happy  i  start  dollmaking,  my life had  change.          I was  feeling  really  happy,Sometimes  i  have  to  answear  the  question  ”What  matterial  are  you  using  to  make  a doll,The  answear can  be  only that,

  1. love
  2. dreams
  3. Hope
  4. Optimist  mind.

The second  question  is  how long  time  do  you  need  to  make  a  doll?

About  50  years  and a  few  hours a  few   maybe  days  , ,,,

  I  have  a  small  Gallery  near  to  the center,is  a nice area  but  a  little  dirty, and  dark  in  the night, but  is  like  a  mythos the  gallery,is  a warm  place full  of dolls and  hand made  things…..I am  here …..

Mobile 0030 6945494165


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